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I've been trying to cancel my account with this company for 2 weeks now!! The account is not in my name primarily but I am authorized to do anything I would like on the account.

It is my credit card that is the one on the account. First they wouldn't let me cancel my account with them because my name isn't the primary account holder. The primary account holder works strange hours so his work schedule does not work with their hours. So eventually he calls them and cancels both of the numbers that carry their insurance.

They tell him everything for both numbers are cancelled and they are putting money back on my credit card so I assumed everything with them was squared away. I call back a few days later just to make sure that everything is cancelled because this company has been the biggest pain I've ever dealt with and I have to verify. Turns out only one number was cancelled and the other is still active!!! Now they won't let me cancel the number that is still active even though this a fault on their behalf and I'm still getting charged.

This is the most ridiculous ordeal I have ever dealt with. I've spoken to the supervisor and he admits it is a fault on their behalf but he is too worried that he would get in trouble if he cancelled it. It is like dealing with a bunch of kindergardeners!

I'm still bewildered that this company is still in commission! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Normally clients call saying that they want to cancel the insurance, they give us the primary account number, we cancel, but what the customer dosent know is that the accounts are not linked together, if they give us one number we cancel it right away, but if they don't mention the other ones we wont cancel them, they think that by cancelling the primary number the other ones are cancel too which is not right, and about the primary account holder, by Law we need to speak with the owner of the account, by policy and law must be like that, thing that customer never want to understand, and if it's your credit card, simple, call your bank and ask your bank to stop allowing esecuritel to take payments from it, because it's youuuuur credit card, as simple as that

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