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I bought 2 phones at Target Dec. 2013 and included the $10/month/phone insurance unbeknownst to me was through esecuritel, not Target.

I haven't had to use this insurance until today when I wanted to get my husband's phone fixed because it wasn't charging or holding a charge well. The representative said it would be $199 to fix it!! I've already paid almost $400 so, what is my insurance going toward if I have to pay $199?! She said it was a deductible, just like you would pay for your automobile!!

Yeah, but it's a PHONE, not a CAR!!! When I started to question this and she rattled off something obviously from a script, I immediately demanded to cancel my insurance. She then hung up on me! So, I called again and was "disconnected" once my call went to the call center.

I called from a different cell phone and my call was finally answered and I continued my cancellation! I know for a fact that my daughter has her phone insurance through Best Buy and when her phone needed repair, guess what?

She paid NOTHING to have it fixed! I would advise you to NOT use this insurance and if you have it, cancel it ASAP!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of esecuritel cell phone insurance and associated monetary loss in the amount of $360. Esecuritel needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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You've already acknowledged you were paying a premium. How dumb are you to think that there would be no deductible? Blame yourself for bring illiterate..


I have the same problem I was cancel and they still were take

many from my account now is problem to refund

Christina Jamborski

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