I called with problem for husbands phone, told the date it died. She wanted date of any any other problems I told her I just found of last week a button for the camera got stuck some times she kept asking for exact date I said "didn't know May 1 I guess or even Dec 1 around Christmas I have no idea what ever date works." She then proceeds to file my claim and tells me its been over 60 days (By the way it way May 1st I made the claim) I asked how was that since i just made the claim and she said its been since Dec 1 you have had problem with the phone and then so you void any other problems that may caused your phone to die.

I know *** me! I called her a twit spoke to her supv.

BIgger twit and now my claim has been declined! Wow I just love to tell the story it is so unreal.

Review about: Esecuritel Claim.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Exact same situation happened to us, phone was ran through the washer but surprisingly worked when it was pulled out. (BlackBerry Z10).

Not wanting to file a claim we made our son use the phone as it was working fine, well it slowly had a couple issue arise a couple months later which was due to it getting wet. We filed a claim and was truthful about the date it got wet and right after they had it logged they told us we were denied for any and all claims on the phone. They are a scam and always refer to their highly thought out coverage contract to fall back onto. With them obviously not providing any real insurance and with no intentions of ever helping the policy holders we immediately canceled all three phone contracts with them via email with a few choice words.

Bing/Google the company, we found many senior executives emails and copied them to our cancellation email.

Waste our time and money and I have no problem wasting some of theirs.

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #810450

please post the exec emails so I can give them my piece of mind...

Westminster, Maryland, United States #794183

Same happened to me, I called as asked if I could get a replacement phone for a cracked screen they asked when it happend, I said idk a few months ago it's been a while, phone still works but now the screen is falling apart and I want a new one. They screwed me over too cause it was over sixty days, I used a couple choice words and at the end of the day I paid esecuritel for two years without making a claim and when I finally do they screwed me over

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