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eSecuritel - If update phone policy remains on dead or turned in phone 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I updated a phone 5 months go and was happy with phone but insurance did not cancel when old phone was turned.We have a number of phones and noticed a reoccurring charge and called to to find out which phone it was and it was a dead phone from 5 months they did cancel today but do not reimburse you for past charges. I recommend not using this plan because it never cancels nor do they send any info about account to verify you still have phone....
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I had a claim and they sent me a replacement.After 3 weeks the phone touch screen would not work or start typing without touching it. I called them and they stated i had 3 replacement phones outstanding which is totally false. Then they want me to send in my phone and after they review they will send a replacement in the next few weeks. Poor customer service and replacement phones are junk. I paid for insurance for the last four years and this...
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I decided to get this insurance when I bought my new iPhone 6s at target and April 2016.It'll late August 2016 I had to make a claim on my phone got water damage. The initial claim process was OK, but they sent me a defective phone. I immediately followed the instructions regarding replacing the defective phone, but was met with constant hurtles. They gave me a claim form which had to be notarized, which was easy for me because there's a notary...
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I didn't like
  • Poor replacement
  • Customer service nightmare
  • Horrible customer service
This is the ABSOLUTE WORST company I've ever had to deal with.My original phone screen cracked so they sent out a defective phone that motherboard crashed and lost ALL my information on it, they then filed another claim and sent me yet another defective phone that malfunctions. I called back and they said they were sending an escalation for another phone with a different make and model. After a week I followed up with them on the escalation and...
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I looked into all the websites like bestbuy,target,amazon etc (Recommended by Samsung official website) and the costliest I found was 530$. So I called up Esecuritel and they say they only consider the phone cost when you buy them which make no sense to me as phone prices drops every day. Even after paying 199$ and 9.99$ every month for insurance you only get a refurbished phone. I found out ATT only charges 6.99 monthly and replacement cost is very low when compared to this *** ESecuritel. Thanks ESecuritel...
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I didn't like
  • Refused to provide service i paid for
  • Desire to appease without resolving issue
  • Customer serivice
Got them to replace my phone after a manufacture defect, was honestly impressed with delivery and the phone I received.Within 2 weeks of receiving my "refurbished phone" the battery started to overheat, then smoke, at which point i threw it across the room, the phone caught fire and exploded. Tried to file another claim and they said it was the wiring in my house. My house is less than 5 years old. Never deal with these guys , crooks, criminals,...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Replacement phone catches fire within 2 weeks
Esecuritel gave us the run around for a while about replacing it. My husband worked around it for almost a year, but it just kept getting worse. Eventually, he couldn't take the mounting issues & we contacted esecuritel again about the issues. They had numerous excuses, that kept changing, for not accepting the claim. I had to get intouch with their corporate office & get very testy before they would process a clai. However, they wouldn't...
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I figured it was the battery so I called eSecuritel back and mentioned what was going on and that I would like just a new battery. Anyway, the next day I got a new phone again. Tried that, and it was the same thing. So then I figured maybe it was the phone, so I called again and had another new phone sent out and it was the same thing. Eventually I got so fed up that I just paid out my phone and canceled my account with Koodo to go to another...
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A disaster of a company that will replace your phone with a reconditioned piece of **** that doesn't work, then they will not replace that phone for 6 weeks because your claim needed to be escalated to corporate, they will also not contact you, they just tell you they will have the answer within 96 hours and to keep calling back to check.They will also tell you that you never shipped back the previous phone and charge you 250 dollars non...
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I liked
  • Fast delivery
  • Quick line to speak with customer service agent
I didn't like
  • Wont work with paying customer
  • Scam
  • Changing terms of policy
On Monday we called in and ordered 2 replacement phones for mine and my boyfriends at 4:50 pm.The lady we spoke to said there was a 3 to 5 business delay in our area for Canada Post- fine. My boyfriend receives his phone the next day at 11 am. How in the world did he get his phone and not mine. So we call the company and ask for an explanation. The lady we speak to tells us its a first come first serve basis, well i call 25 mins before my...
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