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So i have this phone for a couple months, and one day the thing quit charging.I tried new cords, wiggled the thing, let it sit, you name it. I think to myself, "i have insurance! They can help because i pay them to do so!". Wrong. I file the claim, and no questions asked it gets denied. Just *** me, right? The list of issues they propose to insure seem to be a lie. Or a joke? Not sure. Bottom line is that these dicks are terrible at doing what...
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eSecuritel that has never properly worked. The phone doesn't even have the numbers on the back of the phone to read off to customer service. I had been out of the country and busy with work that I haven't had time to dea with getting a new phone. Now that I have time I called customer service and they said I had to file a claim within 90 days to get a new phone at no charge. At this rate I may have just bought a brand new iPhone at retail price.
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If I could give them (-100) I would in the heart bid!!!! This is the WORTH EVER "INSURANCE COMPANY"... First of all I had to have luck to even get anyone on the line!!! Then I had to feel up the application with info that was already on there website, they said that it is 24 to 48 hours to "approve your case" and they will send you an e-mail, B.S> they never did that, nor they will update the status, they NEVER DID!!!! I was given 6 phone...
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I didn't like
  • Refused to provide service i paid for
  • Horrible customer service