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I ordered a tablet with my cell service from Sprint. Then I got a letter from this business stating this service was added to my Tablet, and they would be charging $13.00 for this service on my monthly Sprint bill.

I didn't authorize this and Sprint has NO record of it! This business' "customer service" agent said I had to go back to Sprint about it.

I did, and Sprint verified there was NO such service ordered or added to my Tablet.

When I tried to send a letter to them, the Post Office said the address listed at the bottom of the letter I got from them was not valid.

This reviewer shared experience about "unauthorized service added to my sprint tablet" and wants this business to "no charges from your company on my sprint bill because it was never authorized, nor does sprint have any record of adding your service". MelanieF is overall dissatisfied with Esecuritel and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about esecuritel holdings advanced protection pack at Esecuritel was added unauthorized service and charges to my sprint bill Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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So, do you think esecuritel magically obtained your information? Sprint had no information because IT'S NOT ACTUALLY SPRINT!

It's the AUTHORIZED DEALER OF SPRINT, like Target for example.. You should know where you bought the tablet from, so go complain to them..

to Anonymous #1138212

With hackers and fraudulent activities so prevalent, I DID complain to the company CHARGING my account. Clearly, I have more heightened awareness of such things than you do. So you're "sour grapes" - boo hoo!

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