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On Monday we called in and ordered 2 replacement phones for mine and my boyfriends at 4:50 pm. The lady we spoke to said there was a 3 to 5 business delay in our area for Canada Post- fine. My boyfriend receives his phone the next day at 11 am. How in the world did he get his phone and not mine. So we call the company and ask for an explanation. The lady we speak to tells us its a first come first serve basis, well i call 25 mins before my... Read more

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esecuritel company gave my the runaround for 3 weeks saying my affidavit and id weren't clear enough even though i kept having hi-res scans sent to them from my local boost mobile store. then they made me send them a copy of my lease agreement as well and continued to give me the run around and wait 48 hours between each attempt to re-submit documents. then they still refused to accept my insurance claim saying they cant verify the claim.... Read more

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This is the worst insurance company ever! The first claim I filed, they sent me 3 (yes three) phones that didn't work. The 4th that finally did work took us 4 hours to get the phone working and that was a Verizon tech assisting us. The are denying a new claim for something that isn't my fault. I'm getting a run around from the entire company. Please save your money or just go buy AppleCare.

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If I could give them (-100) I would in the heart bid!!!! This is the WORTH EVER "INSURANCE COMPANY"... First of all I had to have luck to even get anyone on the line!!! Then I had to feel up the application with info that was already on there website, they said that it is 24 to 48 hours to "approve your case" and they will send you an e-mail, B.S> they never did that, nor they will update the status, they NEVER DID!!!! I was given 6 phone... Read more

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OMG I have virgin mobile and used to have assurion phone protections and now its this esecuritel which is crappy. According to my insurance policy my deductible is $50 but they charged me $100 then tell me that I was charged that because of the price of the phone when I bought it like 3 years ago....WHAT THE HECK? Excuse me doesn't a phone depreciate when used? Unbelievable. They are a bunch of crooks plain and simple. Now I can see paying... Read more

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it has been 3 weeks since I have mailed my affidavit and no response , I have been paying for insurance and cant get the claim settled they say to email its faster but they want a colored photo and they want the affidavit noterized I cannot do that and send an email this is rediculouse I have and Id and the affidavit that should be enough why all the hoops and why say we can mail it and they cant find it after 3 weeks meanwhile I am still paying... Read more

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The claim process for my damaged Virgin Mobile phone was processed quickly and I received a new, not reconditioned, phone promptly. I sent the damaged phone back in the prepaid packaging providedb within three days but they now say it was not received and threaten to charge me $100 in addition to my copay. If you do not have their plan buyer beware. If you do and you make a claim DO NOT use their package. Pay a few bucks to the post office and... Read more

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I feel completely ripped off. I can't believe that I got suckered into paying $3/month more to get coverage through Esecuritel and not have Asurion with the promise that I would get a brand new phone if I ever had to get a phone. Well my screen stopped working, it would not let me choose apps. I called to get a new phone. The gentleman that took my claim never warned me that my phone would be completely shut off. That meant that even though... Read more

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Who ever is contemplating getting this insurance/warranty i highly recomend you read these reviews. This company is a complete and utter mess. From denying your claim, horrible customer service reps, billing issues and i was even hung up on twice including once by a manager named "Christy". Quite frankly i made a mistake getting this warranty because just looking at it from a financial point of view this warranty isnt even beneficial to us as... Read more

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You replaced my "dead" lg g4 by a samsung galaxy 6 that does'nt work neither. Please responded me IN A FRENCH LANGUAGE I hope you're gonna take my demand seriously ...

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